miércoles, 15 de octubre de 2008

Letra De Molotov Coktail Party

Letra De Molotov Coktail Party

I'll rip your head off and defecate down
your neck.
You better alejate 'cause i don't give a heck.
You can't
understand how i kick my lingo you better stop that 'cause here
comes the
crazy gringo in your face that's right i'm freestylin' doing it
with ease,
all the while your tryin'.
To be like me, I can't understand why you can't be
your own man people try
to get with the style i got.
Don't you know i'm
doin' it without coke or pot.
I'm naturally kind a fucked up like dot you
know what i'm saying.

M to da O to da L to da O to da T to da O to da V
For those illiterate bastards who cannot spell Molotov is so we

Molotov shit is so tight much, much stronger than any
Slick is the we're movin' funky as shit is the way it's groovin'
in a coke bottle you gel all pissed while we turn up the throttle.
Plug it up with a gas drenched rag I don't ran away 'cause I'll rather
my pants sag.
Get out the lighter and set it on fire.
Watch it as
I throwit getting brighter, brighter and brighter.
Contact was made with the
opposing objective.
You went from something to nothing in just under a
They call us Molotov because we explode on sight.
Keep on
talkin' shit if you're looking for a fight.
Your mouth keeps movin but all I
hear is noise if you fuckin' with the
gringo you better go get your boys.
'Cause Myckey,Pac & Tito,yo,they got myback if you think you bad enough
we'll put you down that smack.
Beleive it or not what i'm mpther fuckin'
saying don't be stupid kid cause
I ain't mother fuckin playing

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